Performer Info for The Bellydancer Monologues


This show is a celebration of the power of dance in our lives.

Imagine: You’re sitting in a darkened theater. You hear a woman’s voice, weaving a powerful story about how dance lifted her from a dark time and changed her life.

As the story continues, music swells in the background. The voice trails off, the lights come up, and the speaker enters and continues the story in the form of a dance performance that embodies the freedom, beauty, or joy she’s describing.

That’s our concept!

The monologue

We all know dance has saved us in some way. Changed our relationship with our bodies. Brought a supportive community into our lives. Gave us a chance to express ourselves. Connected us with spirit. Filled an emptiness. Opened us up.

This is your chance to think about what dance has meant to you, and share the power of that story.

Tip: Browse some dance quotes for inspiration!

Your monologue should be:

  • Brief and compelling. 30 seconds to a minute maximum (if you’ve ever given a minute-long speech, you know that’s longer than you’d think!)
  • Personal: Focus on the details that bring your story to life
  • Creative: Want to do it as beat poetry? Rap it? Sing it? Get as creative as you’d like!
  • Vulnerable. Authentic. Don’t be afraid to go deep.
  • Recorded. Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to speak live! (although you can if you want)

If you TRULY hate speaking, we do have voice actors on tap who can record your written monologue for you.

The dance

Your dance will ideally compliment your monologue in some way.

If figuring out how to do that drives you nuts, though, just let it go and trust that your dancing reflects your journey and the audience will see that.

Tip: Choose music with a longish intro that you can talk over, if possible!

Time limits

  • Monologue: 30 seconds to a minute
  • Dance: 5 minutes

We’re allowing 5 minutes per person, with the assumption that some will go shorter. If you feel you need more time, talk to us!

Audio files

If you have the tech to mix your own vocals and music, go for it!

Otherwise, send your music and an audio recording of your monologue to and I’ll mix it for you.


Since the show is a collection of solos, no group rehearsals are required, but we do have some opportunities for you.

There is a tech rehearsal on Friday, August 18 at 9:30am. You’re not required to be there, but we’d love to have you if possible! This is your chance to negotiate lighting effects, get familiar with the stage, etc.

We’re going to be workshopping our monologues at troupe practice in July, you’re welcome to join us any Sunday evening to brainstorm, get feedback, etc. Our troupe practices are on Sundays from 7-8pm at Utopia Studios (3957 Park Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110)

We’d like to know what we’re presenting, so if you can’t join us for a rehearsal, please share a video from one of your rehearsals before the show!

Deadlines & Dates

  • ASAP: Send me a photo or two – preferably full body and easy to remove from the background so I can add you to our promo image.
  • July 15: Please have a rough draft/sketch of your monologue and choose your music by this date. Let us know what you’re doing so we can avoid duplication and plan the rhythm of the show.
  • Sundays in July (optional): Join us any Sunday to brainstorm & workshop your piece. 7-8pm at Utopia Studios
  • August 1: Please have your final audio files to us, along with a written copy of your script (for our sign language interpreter)
  • August 7: If you didn’t join us for a rehearsal, send a video of your practice (even if it’s a work in progress) so we know what our show will look like!
  • August 18: Tech rehearsal at .Zack, 9:30am (optional)
  • August 19: Show – call time is tentatively 4pm

Call time

Tentatively 4:00 pm August 19 at the .Zack theater (3224 Locust St, St. Louis, MO 63103). Show is 4:30-5:30.

I’m hoping for more information soon from the Fringe organizers about dressing rooms, etc and I’ll update when I know more. Call time may change.


We are getting a small share of ticket sales, which we will split evenly among all performers. Right now, it looks like about 50¢ per ticket sold.


Please help promote the show so we can all earn enough for a nice dinner! I’d love each performer to share at least a couple of times on socials, and also share in any groups you’re a member of.

Ticket link is here:

There’s also a Facebook event:

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