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Next Zoom session begins June 8 & 10

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All classes are ONLINE using Zoom.

Yoga • All Levels

Tuesdays, 6:00pm CST • Online
6-week session • One-Hour Classes

The Focus is Peace, Strength & Flexibility

Next Session’s Theme is Koshas: An inward journey

Each class is a complete, well-rounded practice that builds strength, balance, flexibility, and a deeper connection between mind and spirit.

But alongside its “workout” benefits, yoga has the power to connect us with our energy flow, mental patterns, and deep wisdom, and my classes are consciously designed to enable that subtle learning to happen.

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Belly Dance

No classes for the summer. May return in the fall!

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Belly Dance

I teach a mixture of Egyptian, Turkish, and American styles of belly dance.

I’ll be offering two levels of classes at the moment. I think of traveling shimmies as the dividing line between them — if you can easily walk and shimmy at the same time, you probably have the foundation to join the upper level class.

Otherwise, stick with the other class for now and leave yourself room to grow!

The advanced class is where I’ll be teaching choreography for future Dance Hipnotique performances, so if you’d like to perform with me, you should be there.

However, you don’t have to be a performer to join the class.


I’ve done yoga all my life — when I was growing up, I didn’t know that other people didn’t do it!

My teaching is not about achieving fancy poses. It’s simply about finding comfort and space in your body, preserving flexibility and strength, and learning to relax and tune in.

My yoga foundation was with Iyengar teachers, but I teach a mixed hatha yoga style.

Expect a 50-50 mix of active poses and restorative yoga in my classes.