St. Louis Bellydance Class

Leaping Lizards Studio • St. Louis, MO
Mondays 7-8pm • New session starts April 8, 2024
6-week session $90 | Drop-in for $20

Beginner-friendly, body-positive – a great place to find fun, friendship, and joyful movement!

I’ll be teaching a new beginner-friendly combo each week. We’ll drill the basics with an emphasis on control, extension, and expression. I’ll make sure there’s something meaty for the advanced dancers in each class, too.

If you’re a beginner who wants to learn, or an advanced dancer looking for a weekly practice session, this class is for you. Join us!

Online Yoga: Strength, Flexibility & Peace

Wednesdays 6-7:15pm • New session starts April 10, 2024
6-week session $75

Each class is a complete, well-rounded practice that builds strength, balance, flexibility, and a deeper connection between mind and spirit.

But alongside its “workout” benefits, yoga has the power to connect us with our energy flow, mental patterns, and deep wisdom, and my classes are consciously designed to enable that subtle learning to happen.

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St. Louis bellydance and yoga classes

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Belly Dance

St. Louis bellydance class

I’ve studied Egyptian, Turkish, and American styles of belly dance. But I embrace all styles and welcome all students!

My beginner and mixed-level bellydance classes are designed to be welcoming and fun, combining a low-impact workout and a serious dance class.

My advanced classes are about stagecraft, expression, and musicality.


Online yoga class

I’ve done yoga all my life — when I was growing up, I didn’t know that other people didn’t do it!

My teaching is not about achieving fancy poses. It’s simply about finding comfort and space in your body, preserving flexibility and strength, and learning to relax and tune in.

Think slow, gentle, yummy yoga!

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