I’m Lauren Zehara.

Join me for a fun online class in belly dance or yoga!

Judgment-free • Body positive • All genders • All ages • All sizes • All abilities
Come enjoy whatever body you’re in.

Online Classes

Next online session begins January 3

  • $75/6-week session
  • 20% OFF if you take both classes (use promo code 39k9m6)

All classes are ONLINE using your browser – no apps to download!

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Belly Dance

I teach a mixture of Egyptian, Turkish, and American styles of belly dance.

But this year I’m trying something new – a Global Groove class built for fun!

Come sample some moves and music from around the world, burn a few calories and have some fun.


I’ve done yoga all my life — when I was growing up, I didn’t know that other people didn’t do it!

My teaching is not about achieving fancy poses. It’s simply about finding comfort and space in your body, preserving flexibility and strength, and learning to relax and tune in.


Students have asked me for my recommendations for a couple of products, so I’m gathering them here.

Yoga Mats

The most important thing is to have a mat that isn’t slippery. If your hands and feet slide around, yoga becomes way more difficult than it should be.

Hugger Mugger makes great mats at a good price point. The Tapas mat is a classic.

The thicker Ultra is nice if you have joint issues, but the tradeoff is that balancing is a little more difficult.

Dance Shoes

You can absolutely belly dance barefoot; shoes aren’t necessary. But a little cushioning under the heel and a good surface for turns can save a lot of wear and tear on your knees.

Capezio Freeform is by far my favorite dance shoe. It’s like wearing nothing at all, but I can turn easily and my knees have a little protection from impact.

Order two full sizes up from your street size.

A dance sneaker will give you full support and cushioning for problem feet, but still offer a suede sole for turns. I wore these when I was recovering from plantar fasciitis.

Be sure to check the size guide — dance shoes are sized weird.